About Khun Ni

Gifted with enormous healing qualities Khun Ni (Banjong Lukphai) started training in Thai Massage at Wat Avoot / Bangkok and giving sessions from the age of 15. Hearing about her outstanding skills, Master Mui Yimwattana invited her to train with him in Thai Abdominal Massage and related therapies. After working in a famous Healing Center in Thailand Khun Ni opened her own clinic certified by the Thai government. Today she gives treatments as well as classes close to Chiang Mai/ Thailand.

Healing many clients from various health problems, relieving them from different pains of life, transforming people’s lives and teaching many massage practitioners Khun Ni became famous. Today many Abdominal Massage practitioners in Chiang Mai and around the world refer to her as their master. Khun Ni’s Big Heart, liberated mind, intuition, clarity and sensitivity as well as skilled fingers enable her to give enormous healing and make her an authentic master.

About Thai Abdominal Massage

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Receiving a treatment from Khun Ni

No matter which problem in your body or being you’re dealing with – come to see Khun Ni! In a session with her you will receive healing that goes far beyond what you can imagine and even if there seems to be no connection to your abdomen for you, Khun Ni will read your problem very clearly and approach it with all her love and the right intention. Come with an open mind, heart and trust her – she is truly incredible and will take care of you and whatever you bring. Please in order to respect her skills as a healer don’t tell her what to do – even if the solution she finds is unusual or surprising and might include related therapies to CNT: Trust and Receive…It works 🙂

How it works

All treatments will take place in Khun Ni’s Clinic named “Banjong Clinic” which is registered with the Thai government. This means her healing approach is acknowledged as part of the bigger set of Traditional Thai Medicine. (Read here how to find Khun Ni’s Clinic outside Chiang Mai)

Please make an appointment for a treatment before you come. Best is to do this about 1 or 2 weeks in advance. You can also try on short notice but she might be booked out already.
Please confer with Khun Ni about the charges for the treatment (and possibly transportation) when making the appointment. (Read here how to book an appointment)

What to bring along

Take enough time 🙂 Plan on 2 hrs of time for a treatment including rest periods, change of clothes and so on. Please arrive in time and plan on some buffer time in case you have difficulties to reach. Besides this there is not much to bring along – towels, blankets, water…everything is provided for you. The only thing you really have to bring is the exact amount of Thai Baht for the treatment (and maybe transport) in cash.

Wearing clothes that are easily removed is practical. Please make sure you take off any kind of jewelry including piercings before the treatment.
It’s not advisable to plan too many activities after the treatment. Allow some rest rather than stress. The treatment will work on in the hours after the session.

Contact & Location


To make an appointment for treatment or for further information please CALL Khun Ni:


*Please note that Khun Ni’s english is not fluent and on the phone it will be especially difficult to understand each other. Please be kind, gentle and patient. Reconfirm dates, times and tariff.

(In case of difficulties first try to get someone on your phone who speaks Thai, ONLY in case this doesn’t work, please call Waree instead: +66(0)88-445-4993 )


All treatments will take place in Khun Ni’s clinic (Banjong Clinic). It is located between rice fields and small villages in the beautiful countryside around Chiang Mai / Thailand. From Tha Phae Gate in the Old town of Chiang Mai it is about 16 kilometers which will take you about 45 mins to drive.

To get here with your own vehicle or motorcycle please use the google maps pin provided below which will navigate you here accurately or enter the following coordinates in your own navigation device: 18.879338 99.078703
You can also search for ‘Khun Ni’ on google maps.

If you don’t have your own vehicle transportation can be arranged for you. In this case please call Khun Ni, she will take care of it and you will be picked up at a location of your choice within Chiang Mai City.
The official address of Banjong Clinic (which search engines/navigation devices usually don’t find) is:

Banjong Clinic –
196 M.4 Mueang Len, Amphoe San Sai
Chiang Mai, 50210
18.879338 N 99.078703 E